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Joseph H. Gardella

Joseph Hiroyuki Gardella is a community psychologist and education researcher. He currently is a graduate student in the Community Research and Action doctoral program (Intended graduation date: May, 2018) at Vanderbilt University and has completed a doctoral minor in Quantitative Methods. In general, he researches how organizations support positive human development. In particular, his work primarily focuses on prosocial approaches to education (e.g., positive school climate, restorative practices, and social and emotional skills), adolescent violence and victimization, and school disciplinary practices. Given his broader interests in organizations and positive human development, some of his secondary research interests include 1.) using digital mobile technologies to teach social and emotional skills and build supportive communities for early teenagers, and 2.) exploring the relevance of big data to education and community organizing organizations and practitioners. In addition to his scholarly work, he writes regularly for the education blog of the Metta Center for Nonviolence, works with schools to implement restorative practices, and is active in multiple national prevention science organizations. 

He intends to develop this research program as a faculty member at an R1 university following completion of his graduate programs.

Resources relevant for school administrators:
Restorative practices for school administrators
    Numerous restorative practices implementation materials exist. Yet, a dearth of literature exists to help administrators decide if restorative practices are helpful for their schools. This resource fills this gap by addressing a variety of issues related to school implementation of restorative practices. Please contact joseph.h.gardella@vanderbilt.edu for more information. Click here to view file.