Current Research Projects

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Understanding the Adoption, Function, and Consequences of SRO 
Use in Understudied Settings
Funded by the National Institute of Justice from 2017-2018, this project seeks to understand why school resource officers (SROs) were implemented district-wide—including in all the elementary schools—in a school district that has been historically high achieving and relatively free from violence. We also seek to understand the roles and responsibilities of SROs in the schools and how they shape the experiences of various stakeholders in the district.

Teacher Victimization
This project explores the impact of teacher victimization on rates of turnover from teaching positions and from the profession in general.  It utilizes nationally representative data from the Schools and Staffing Surveys.

Youth Adaptation Project
This project seeks to assess ways adolescents adapt to environments with high levels of community violence. It uses a phenomenological and quantitative approach to address longitudinal data from Chicago, IL.